Monday, 11 April 2016

There is a light that never goes out

Call them highlighter, luminizer, illuminator or whatever, the function will remain the same.  To highlight and define your facial feature, creating a soft focus on the targeted spot. 

I have tried quite a few, from liquid to powder type, and I have to admit I am obssesed with highlighter as of late.  They are so sparkly and fine, I can resist collecting them...

Here are some of my highlighters.  I have few other which I forfot to gather.

My fave of all the above would be Mary Lou and Champange Pop. I love how they are super fine compared to MAC.  

In terms of color, Champagne Pop and Oh Darling is quite similar, but Champagne Pop gives a natural sun kissed tan whereas Oh Darling is more gold.  Mary Lou brighthens my skin perfectly.

Betty Lou is actually for bronzer/eyeshadow, but sometimes when I dont feel like having highlights I just dabbed a little over blusher for a little highlight. 

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